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Special Notice: Central Labor Council recommends Jim Durkin,Sam Poulton, and Patricia Commane in their run for 3 delagate seats from the the 3rd congressional district April 9th at 1 PM at MCC

The MVCLC has interviewed and recommend 3 local labor friendly candidates who have asked for our support. 

The Verizon Standoff and the Future of Labor, Communication and Privacy

On August 1, 2015, the IBEW and CWA contract with Verizon expired. However, unlike previous years, they decided to not strike, a move meant to undermine the company’s hiring and housing of scabs. This is a labor struggle that will have a major impact on the entire labor movement. “I think the days of the short strike is over. Verizon wants to break the union and is willing to overwork lower levels of management in the process,” said Dan Murphy, a retired member of the union. But it also could impact customer service for one of the biggest telephone, internet, and television providers in America as well as basic issues of privacy. 


Workers in the dark on talks between FairPoint, unions

Workers in the dark during ongoing mediated talks between FairPoint, unions


FairPoint Internet Outage This Morning Follows Failures of 911, Police and Fire Systems

Company’s union workers say that such outages could be common in the future if FairPoint pushes through outsourcing plans

Service outages at FairPoint have spiked since company hired out-of-state contractors to replace skilled and experienced workforce

Latest breakdown at FairPoint follows failure of Vermont’s 911 network, and outages in emergency responder systems in Portsmouth, Exeter, etc.

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